About Us

Hey fellas! I’m Robert or, more frankly, a motorhead (that’s what my friends call me due to my craze for sports cars. I recently graduated. I now have more free time, and I can’t just stay at home playing with my mobile phone. So, I started exploring the roads, motorways and hidden areas of my hometown, Auckland.  

And surprisingly, this new hobby gave me a tremendous amount of pleasure and a sort of euphoria. It’s been two months since I started this hobby and I’m still addicted to it. While riding my car through different paths, time passes quickly. I explored variously hidden, beautiful and soothing places in Auckland.  

One day, during a ride, I thought other people should also experience Auckland’s hidden and serene beauty. That’s precisely why I started this blog. Here, I would be sharing the most suitable paths or motorways to enjoy a soothing long ride with friends or dear ones. Moreover, I should also be discussing my experience while exploring the beauty of Auckland.  

So, stay tuned to have a virtual yet detailed ride through Auckland. I will try my best to provide thrilling and worth reading content. TMI: My favorite sport cars are Grand Prix and F1.