• Finding Time To Reach Customers When Consulting for SEO

    Finding time to reach customers when you’re an SEO consultant in Auckland is tricky, especially when you consider the current motorway connections and road works constructed throughout the city.

    We often don’t give ourselves enough time to reach our customers given known external factors. This article will provide you with a few tips to help ensure that you get to your destination on time when consulting for businesses in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Stuck in Traffic and Late!

    Top Tip 1: Understand that the best form of transport in Auckland has to be by car. Unfortunately, Auckland isn’t the best place to consider ‘Green Transportation’. The council didn’t exactly plan for the city to be used by trains, trams, or bicycles run by neutral carbon sources. 

    As you need to travel to your destination by car, you must consider driving the most efficient one possible OR buy an electric car, if you’re financially able to.

    Top Tip2: As you’re going to be driving by car everywhere, it becomes necessary to know where and when the main traffic jams will occur throughout the day and when the major road works will be occurring. Avoid them at all costs!

    Top Tip3: On the day of the appointment, make sure that you check the weather forecast. If there will be heavy rain or wind during your travel or near the meeting, you’ll need to factor in an additional 20 minutes of travel time. Surprise, surprise, it takes a lot longer to get to a destination if the weather is inclement!

    Top Tip 4: Get ready the day before the meeting. Everything should be prepared and ready to be added to the car the night before you’re due to meet a potential client.

    Top Top 5: Make sure you aren’t going to run out of power if you drive an electric car and fuel if you use a petrol or diesel car!

    And that is it, get these correct and I’m sure you’ll get to the meeting on time, and clinch that deal with a potential client in Auckland!